“Loss of A Hero”

I have been pondering the senseless killings that have been happening around the country. I am not addressing the situations where a policeman shoots a suspect. I am referring to the instances of protesters shooting other protesters who happen to be on the opposite side of an issue. Yes, the issues are important, but areContinue reading ““Loss of A Hero””

“Does Systemic Racism Exist?”

The phrase “Systemic Racism” needs to be defined. Systemic racism is often called, Institutional Racism and Structural Racism. According to Derrick Johnson, the president of the NAACP, systemic racism is, the “systems and structures that have procedures or processes that disadvantages African Americans.” Andrea Gillespie, an associate professor of political science at Emory University definesContinue reading ““Does Systemic Racism Exist?””

“Do Black Lives ‘Really’ Matter?

By now everybody is familiar with the phrase, “Black Lives Matter.” The phrase conjures up all types of emotive responses. Depending upon who you are and what you understand the phrase to mean, will determine your reply. Some will agree with the statement with a hardy “Amen!”  Some will quickly respond by stating that “AllContinue reading ““Do Black Lives ‘Really’ Matter?”

“Is COVID-19 a Plague from God?”

Since March of this year (2020), I have heard the above question in many forms and in a variety of ways. This question is usually followed with a second question. The second question usually goes something like this, “Is this pandemic the result of the irresponsibility or wickedness of men?” These are very intriguing questions.Continue reading ““Is COVID-19 a Plague from God?””

Is The Christian God Racist?

You would think that the God of Christianity must be a racist. After all, Christianity is considered a “White man’s religion” by some. Many would have us to believe that it was created to keep Blacks submissive and feeling inferior about themselves. Recently (August 1, 2020), protesters burned bibles on the steps of the FederalContinue reading “Is The Christian God Racist?”

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